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Let's learn about Fnaffangames.org and what you'll find here. It is a perfect playground for you to download, install and play FNAF games without any fees.

Learning about fnaffangames.org and what you’ll find here. It is a perfect playground for downloading, installing, and playing FNAF games without fees.

What is Fnaffangames.org about?

Fnaffangames.org is made to bring users the best fan-made FNAF games taken from GameJolt. We also present horror games in the format of HTML5 and other FNF mods.

Since we are all fans of those games, we decided to make this site just to bring the best horror experiences to lots of players.

On our website – fnaffangames.org, we provide a variety of content such as game descriptions, game instructions, and reviews of FNAF games distributed by gamejolt. You can play them online or offline anytime you want.

As you know, GameJolt is a site featuring numerous FNAF games made by fans. Therefore, there will be some games you cannot download or play there. Hence, we bring you this website fnaffangames.org to help you access those games or find your favorite games in an easy way.

All the assets of the games belong to the original creators on GameJolt, excluding our game descriptions and game instructions.

The values of our content

Our content for FNAF games on fnaffangames.org features some values such as:

  • Accurate information
  • Easy-to-understand content.
  • Detailed instructions for you to have a better grasp of what the games are about.

Members of the team Fnaffangames.org

Content Creators

Fnaffangames.org is operated by a team of talented members. For instance, we have a content team who creates game descriptions and game instructions on the website. However, our content creators don’t own the assets of the games.

The assets include images, text, graphics, logos, and content inside the games. They belong to the original game creators on gamejolt.

We also want you to know that our game descriptions and instructions are owned by us and are protected by international law. Hence, we don’t allow any users to copy the content without our agreement.

For a better experience on our website, we recommend you to read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Website administrators

Besides content creators, our team also includes programmers and administrators. Every member plays a specific role in managing and growing the website. We all want to bring value to the community so they can have a good space to play FNAF games.

We know that not all websites are the best ones. So, we will need your feedback to help us better the website. You can send us your thoughts through info@fnaffangames.org. Or, you can contact us via the Contact Us page.

We will continue improving fnaffangames.org to make it a great place for the fans of FNAF games.

Best regards, Development team.

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Email: info@fnaffangames.org

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