Five Nights at Flappy’s

Dai June 16, 2022 FNaF APK

Five Nights at Flappy's is free to download with an APK file. Get it and explore fun adventure challenges to unlock your unique collection of animatronics!

Five Nights at Flappy’s APK is a great fangame inspired by the original FNAF. No nightmares as usual, now you control the animatronics to fly and collect pizza.

This time, you will meet new animatronics, typically Finbarr. Your task is to help him pass the dangerous vertical pipes so that there are no collisions. Control your mouse wisely to go as far as you can! And don’t forget the delicious pizza as spoils for your adventure.

Five Nights at Flappy's APK Download
Five Nights at Flappy’s APK Download

By overcoming flying challenges in this new Five Nights At Freddy’s, you will unlock new characters. There are up to 20 exciting characters with their own looks and voices for you to enjoy on your adventures. Moreover, you need to work hard to play well to record a new achievement. This is a very different aspect of FNAF!

You can’t find a better fan game Android than Five Nights at Flappy’s. It does not require your bravery to make it through the horror night watch. But don’t be optimistic because you have challenging adventures. You will fly and earn as many pizzas as you can without collision to finish early.

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