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FNAF 12 release date is finally revealed and now you can play it online. In FNAF 12 unblocked, you keep animatronics out of the office to avoid their jumpscares.

FNAF 12 is one of the latest FNAF games that you can play online. It is similar to the original FNAF games but it has a new environment for you to explore and survive.

FNaF 12 game challenges your bravery throughout creepy nights

Since the game is inspired by the original Five Nights at Freddy’s, it also has a creepy vibe for you to explore. When you play FNAF 12 online, you show your bravery as well as survival skills.

Explore a scary pizzeria in FNAF 12 free online

In the game, you make your way through a creepy pizza restaurant. You are not here as an explorer, instead, you are a night watchman. Your mission is to guard a room that has four animatronics such as Foxy the Fox, Freddy the bear, Chica the chicken, and Bonnie the rabbit.

They seem to be cute animatronics. However, they become aggressive at night. Therefore, you need to defend yourself throughout the night as well as make sure you avoid the jumpscares of animatronics.

Since you sit in a room, you will not know things that are going on outside. Therefore, you need to watch the doors and your surroundings through cameras. These animatronics try to enter your room through the electronic doors. So, you must close the doors and stop them from coming inside.

Make sure you close the doors in time, or the animatronics will enter. Your shift lasts from 12 am to 6 am. So, during this time frame, you need to use your smart strategies to outplay the animatronics. When you survive the shift, you will become the winner.

FNAF 12 release date is already uncovered. You can join this action game online to explore this scary adventure to prove your skills.

How to play

Use the mouse to interact with the items in the game.

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