FNAF Sister Location

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It's available for you to play Sister Location Online game for free! Explore the unoriginal Fnaf game and fulfill all objectives without being jumpscared to win!

FNaF Sister Location online game is only an exciting demo based on the real Five Nights at Freddy’s game owned by Scott Cawthon. You will take on the role of a late night technician working in a strange location known as Circus Baby’s Pizza World, the residence of many animatronic robots like Ballora the ballerina, Minireenas, Bidybabs, Funtime Freddy Fazbear, Funtime Foxy, Ennard and something.

Aside from watching these characters and motivating them, you have to defend yourself each night until your shift is finished. After you enter the FNaF game, you will be guided by the HandUnit-an AI and the voice of a female crown-like animatronic named Circus Baby. She is the start of this pizza world. She can give you important information that helps you escape the enemy’s attack. Different from other parts, you will be allowed to move from room to room. Remember to keep an eye on everything! Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to control items, WAD keys to close doors

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