Friday Night Funkin’ Toy Chica

User: Dai Published: June 17, 2022 Category: FNaF games

FNF Toy Chica free online is a groundbreaking idea for FNAF fan games and FNF Mod. Get ready to play music with animatronics Toy Chica in full sexy look right now.

Are you looking forward to new exciting parties with FNF classical music gameplay? So you should try FNAF Toy Chica, an ever more exciting and new fan game of FNAF. No more intense survival nights that give you headaches, now it’s time to enjoy magical music with animatronics.

You are Boyfriend and will compete with Chica, a beautiful and attractive robot. But don’t let that look distract you, you need to win musical matches in the cheers of Girlfriend. Make new records in your theater career!

Music comes from the arrows on your keyboard as always. But the music speed will increase more and more, requiring your sensitivity and musical ability. If you find it difficult to play, choose the level that’s right for you, easy or medium instead of hard.

New music and visuals is what sets this game apart from any other FNF mod or FNAF fangame. The element of violence is gone and death is not as scary as it once was. Instead, you will be a true artist challenging yourself with animatronics. You will conquer all or forever just an unknown.

What do you expect from a Five Nights at Freddy’s parody game? Is it the freshness in the image, the gameplay or the closeness? It’s all here with classic music gameplay, a new animatronics look and a completely different look from the original. Don’t miss them, because you can enjoy them in your online browser here for free.

How to play

Play tunes with the arrow keys on your keyboard

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