Ice Scream

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Ice Scream unblocked free game is about a horror story. Hop into the Ice Scream playfield and complete tasks to search for and rescue missing kids right now!

The Ice Scream full game is ready for you to experience and finish. You have to explore the secret behind the ice cream truck and save all of the kidnapped children.

Ice Scream is a game like a FNaF html5 unblocked one

In other words, you will deal with a lot of deadly situations as if you are playing a fnaf horror online game. Therefore, you should watch over everything while you’re moving or interacting with something. Then, you can escape from sudden attacks and survive.

Ice Scream is a free game that hides a terrifying mystery

Once you connect to this fnaf html5 unblocked game, you will appear in a spooky town. After that, you need to follow the guide and fulfill other puzzles by yourself. However, you are joining a dangerous adventure.

In your Ice Scream free play online game, an unknown ice cream maker invited those little people to enjoy ice cream and captured them before locking them in the truck afterward. So, it’s important to find their screams and set them free soon.

It is also Ice Scream 1 with simplistic gameplay. Can you protect kids in time?

How to play

Select WASD keys or arrow keys to roam, Spacebar to jump.

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