POPGOES Evergreen

Dai June 15, 2022 FNaF Download

POPGOES Evergreen free download gives you new inspiration to play FNAF gameplay. It will keep you excited with character looks and stories like never before.

POPGOES Evergreen download is the latest installment in the series from FNAF fans. It brings many unique improvements both in terms of gameplay mechanics and visuals.

The setting of this FNAF download takes place in The Popgoes Pizzeria restaurant, the new name of Fazbear’s Fright after the terrible fire. Now, everything in the restaurant has changed with new robotics technologies and new settings. You’ll find unique animatronics in the dining room, banquet room, kitchen, vents and more.


But its gameplay remains the same compared to FNAF fan games. You will have to find a way to escape the unexpected stalking of animatronics while staying at the restaurant at night. They have new looks and new mechanics, but they’re as scary as ever. Be prepared with power and don’t take your eyes off the restaurant’s camera!

If you are looking for something new in FNAF games, POPGOES Evergreen is a great choice. Come and discover the restaurant with its new look and follow its story. New cyborgs with new faces will leave you spellbound to discover. Don’t miss them and other surprises in FNaF horror attraction, a fangame also available here.

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