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Here’s the Privacy Policy for you to read before you FNaF fangame. We let you know which information we pick up from you and how we handle it!

Our Privacy Policy

We recommend you to read our Privacy Policy before you decide to use our website – FNaF fan games to experience FNaF download. Our Privacy Policy is our statement in which you will know which information of yours will be collected by us and how will we handle and process your information. The Privacy Policy clearly depicts if the visitors’ information is kept private or is shared with the third parties. is website that you can play and download FNaF by fangame. You can explore all information about FNaF fan games including gameplay, instructions, updates, etc. Below here is significant information covered in Privacy Policy you have to read carefully, including:

  • Which information do we collect from you?
  • Why do we have to pick up your information?
  • Which information we don’t collect from you?
  • How can you use and handle your information picked up by us?
  • What you need to know about cookies
  • What you need to know about the security on

A Privacy Policy usually goes with Terms of Use of the website, thus reading our Terms of Use is also a must.

Which information do we collect from you?

  • Your basic information, including your preferences and information in relation to your gameplay.
  • Your personal information when you make contact with us. This includes your Username, Email Address, Your name, password, and even including your Avatar/Profile Picture.
  • Your data for placing the ads, including the data of games you played, IP Address, your time zone, local settings, browsers, network connection, and the countries you come from.
  • We also collect and analyze your device ID and basic information related to the games you have played on our website FNaF Fangame, including the advertisements you clicked and viewed.
  • Your personal information will be also collected by third parties, especially when you use your Facebook account to play our games. This includes the name of your Facebook, your profile picture, Facebook ID, and your public friends’ data.

Why do we have to pick up your information?

  • We need your personal information to offer games, FNaF Fan games and other games like FNaF to you.
  • With your information, we can better our website’s performance and patch some bugs if they happen while you are enjoying our games.
  • In case you need support from us, we can contact you to provide our help via your personal information. Send us your support request via
  • We can find new users via your information picked up by us.
  • With your data, we can place the advertisements to keep our website working.
  • With your data, we can easily discover copyright violations or any illegal activities.

Which information we don’t collect from you?

Inappropriate information and the data of children under 18 will not be collected by us. For children under 18, they are not recommended to play strong games that are not suitable for their ages.

How can you use and handle your information picked up by us?

Users are completely allowed to use and handle the information that they give to us. If you want to change your personal information or if you want to give changes to your game accounts, or even delete it, you are allowed to do it. For more support, please send your requests to us via

What you need to know about cookies

A cookie is known as a file of letters and numbers that were downloaded on to your computer when you visit some websites. Here, on, we also use cookies to help run our website. A cookie itself does not store information, however, when it is read by a browser, it can assist the website to better the service delivered. With cookies, we can better understand how our website is running, being used by the visitors, and who is using it. uses a limited number of cookies.

What you need to know about the security on

Security is also an important thing that we care about and want to give it to you when you use our website to play games. Here, on, we adhere to appropriate technical and organizational safety approaches to prevent the users from having the wrong use of altering their personal information. The databases on our website are protected by passwords. Only a few staff have the right to access the system and manage the website.

There is still a chance for security violations to happen despite having technical and organization safety methods. No security system is 100% capable of preventing all feasible security violations. In case if there are any violations on our website, we will manage to patch and keep the website running as best as we can.

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