Squishy Balls Among Us

Dai August 11, 2022 Among Us Fan Game

Download Squishy Balls Among Us for free and join your friends in fun debates! You will be an ordinary person or a demon who specializes in hunting for life.

Squishy Balls Among Us is a Among Us fangame with new visuals and unique gameplay mechanics. Get ready to find the devil between you and your friends in each level!

The gameplay of this Among Us fan game is preserved compared to its original. But you will find the adorable new images. You will play as one of them and have an interesting debate with your friends. Your goal is to find the demons or become the devil and destroy the rest in Among us mod download.

Squishy Balls Among Us Mod Download
Squishy Balls Among Us Mod Download

If you are a normal person, you have to complete the quests from the game system. Besides, be wary of everyone because there are demons among them. You can convene an emergency meeting if you find any murder. Conversely, if you are the devil, you can perform various ways to end the others on board.

New things in both the context, mechanics and character images in Squishy Balls Among Us gamejolt download will make you fun. You will have dozens of fun games with your friends and argue with them to find the devil. Don’t trust anyone because they always try to deny the claims of crime!

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