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Terms of use at fnaffangames.org are an important part that you need to pay attention to when using this site. Do not ignore the information provided by us.

Terms of use are one of the indispensable elements for websites in the present time. And fnaffangames.org is no exception, we want to make the terms of use public so that users can keep track of all relevant information.

You should carefully refer to this article to be able to better understand the terms of use. It includes the terms of the user’s responsibility to respect the copyright of the content at our site and some notes that users need to know.

Respect for the copyright of what belongs to us

For those who don’t know, fnaffangames.org is a fan-developed FNAF game content sharing site. Most of the FNAF versions at the site at this site are owned by different authors. They can share personal information, or not share depending on the motto of each person.

fnaffangames.org shares content that belongs to fan-made versions of FNAF. We always want to bring the highest quality content for users to enjoy according to their needs. To ensure this playground is always up and running, you need to adhere to important terms of use.

This is the site for you to find and access FNAF download from fans. Here you will see related content created by our writer’s team. It includes a brief introduction to the game, gameplay, content, and more. It is your responsibility to respect these contents and to consult us if you wish to share them.

In addition, we would like to confirm once again that the FNAF games on this site are all from fans. Therefore, they are not under our copyright, including images, videos, logos, etc. related to these games.

Note that most of the FNAF games at this site contain horror elements, so they will not be suitable for young players. You should ensure that you are at least 18 years old to fully enjoy our website’s contents.

Your personal information and some related terms

We understand that personal information is one of the concerns of many users when accessing this website. fnaffangames.org provides each user with a separate profile of personal information to store account information. Moreover, you also have the right to share, edit and delete information in your own way.

In some cases, if you feel you do not want to provide personal information any more, you can ask us to stop storing it. Of course, we have many measures in place to protect the personal information of all users on this website. But you need to be the one who is most responsible for your information.

Please do not share any relevant personal information such as accounts, passwords, and more with strangers. If there is any breach of security, you should contact us to be best resolved in a short time. We will permanently ban user accounts that violate the right to personal information on this website.

In addition, we disclaim responsibility for the content that users distribute at fnaffangames.org. And users will be fully responsible for the content they post, including post comments, etc. We will control the content that users post to always bring the most healthy playing field.

We believe that the terms of use of this website directly affect its development and operation. Therefore, we always try to improve the quality of use as well as listen to users’ opinions. Typically, these usage controls are fixed and subject to little change, but there will be some exceptions.

If there are any changes to the terms of use, we will notify all users soon. For general purposes, you should give us suggestions to improve the service at this website. We will soon receive requests from any users and make changes in the shortest time.

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