Time Shooters 3

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Experience Time Shooters 3, a good shooter, and show your abilities with your ultimate weapon! Hop into the battlefield of Time Shooters 3 and enjoy it!

Time Shooters 3 unblocked or Time Shooters 3: SWAT is a first-person shooting game where your movement influences time. It’s also the next part of Time Shooters 2.

Fight against terrorists and rescue hostages in Time Shooters 3

It is the main goal that you must complete as soon as possible. However, you should protect yourself before you finish that mission. During combat, it’s necessary to dodge every attack. Besides, you have to knock down opponents quickly.

New features and even more challenges

In the present FNAF Shooter unblocked, it’s easy to check out a series of items and difficulties that you’ve never seen before. They are:

  • Awesome slow-mo gunfights in 3D
  • Numerous weapons with different damage possibility
  • Free to play Time Shooters 3 online on your web browser

Besides, your target will be the orange men. So, it’s important to defeat them first! Meanwhile, those people own enough tools such as riot shields, and helmets, with body armor. To take down them and reach the right area, you’d better shoot at their gear accurately.

Some small tips and tricks to conquer Time Shooters 3 sooner

  • Please look around the place before you go as in FNAF online!
  • Choose suitable weapons to control
  • Riot shields are good to fend off sudden shots.
  • Each weapon should work with each corresponding objective.

Time Shooters 3 is a free playfield to test various skills. Aside from that, being a soldier and completing your task is a great adventure. It’s time you fire and win!

How to play

  • WASD or Arrow keys to move around
  • Left mouse to shoot or collect weapons
  • Right mouse or R to throw weapons
  • F to pick up or throw the shield
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