TrollFace Quest Horror 2

Dai December 27, 2022 FNaF games

TrollFace Quest Horror 2 is an unblocked game with plenty of strange puzzles. Besides, TrollFace Quest Horror 2 is available o experience newer horror levels.

TrollFace Quest Horror 2 is a game where you can find familiar scenes from popular movies. Moreover, you’d better seek the best way to beat puzzles for survival.

TrollFace Quest Horror 2 is free to play online on browsers

It is a horror halloween game. Furthermore, you can meet up with famous characters or objects from well-known films. More importantly, you should prevent them from killing you by selecting the right object.

Point and click everything in TrollFace Quest Horror 2 as in other fnaf html5 games online

Also, like Troll face Quest Horror 1 level 2, you will be able to interact with whatever you want. But, be careful! The enemy can attack you if you click on the wrong things. Thus, it’s necessary to watch and think before choosing anything.

Actually, the foes are pretty similar to the ones in fnaf html5 games online because they own deadly jumps. Hence, try to avoid making them unhappy or you cannot continue!

Now, it’s free for all to play Trollface Quest 2 online. Shall you defeat puzzles and remain alive? Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select and interact with everything.

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